Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga classes help kids connect mind and body to experience a natural state of fitness, fun and feeling great.  Each class is age appropriate, theme-based, and integrates movements, poses and non-competitive games — but most importantly, it’s fun! Classes close with guided visualization and deep relaxation, leaving kids calm and centered.

Anna is certified to teach both the YogaKids® program for kids ages 4-18 and the Next General Yoga® program for kids ages 2-7. She integrates the two programs, as well as her knowledge and experience teaching Itsy Bitsy Yoga® for ages 2-4 to lead kids in a fun yoga adventures.

Kids Yoga classes instill and develop:
•   Health and well-being
•   Creativity and self-expression
•   Strength and flexibility
•   Confidence and self-esteem
•   Concentration and attention span
•   Inner calm, relaxation and improved sleep

Sounds great, right?  It’s true.  Research has proven that a consistent yoga practice helps children stay grounded and eases their way through daily stress.  Our kids yoga classes are the perfect balance to other after-school sports, recreational and educational activities. Contact Anna for more information.