“The way we speak to our children becomes their inner voice.” (author unknown)

We all need a little encouragement and a kind word from time to time – especially our kids. Studies have shown that the mind of a child is more open and accepting of ideas and suggestions because life experience hasn’t conditioned them to be cynical or skeptical about what they hear. Because of this, a child can either quickly accept positive empowering messages, or negative disempowering ones.

Affirmations are wonderful to share with children of any age. You can start the minute they are born and let them know you think they are special. Once they are old enough to talk, you can change the word “you” to “I” and have them repeat the phrase. Once they know how to read, they can read the affirmation themselves. However, don’t miss the opportunity to share a special moment with your child and let them know you believe they are special too – be there when they read the affirmation and repeat it to them as well.

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with new things to say each day. I love you or you are loved is always a great one to start with, but there are many more which will melt your child’s heart and help boost their self-esteem!

Here’s a fun and easy way to share a daily affirmation with your child:

  1. Come up with a list of affirmations, or click here to view a list of affirmations I put together to get you started (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file).
  2. Print out the list of affirmation and cut them into separate slips of paper (if your child is old enough to use scissors, they can help you do this)
  3. Place the papers into a basket and pick one out each day to share with your child

You will see that your child will look forward to this activity every day. You can pick a special place to put the basket and a consistent time you will come together every day (maybe first thing in the morning or right before bed) to share an affirmation with your child.

I always love to hear your ideas! Send me an email with affirmations to add to our list.